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Welcome to Leeds City Couriers – A full service logistics provider, with a clear sense of business purpose; to help individuals, businesses and industries progress and grow by becoming an end to end partner in our core competency areas of same day delivery services and our managed solutions to improve your internal workflow.

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Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to view Leeds City Couriers Ltd. The whole Leeds City Couriers venture has a lot of background and stories to tell and it gives you the bigger picture on how we aim to provide …………………….
I started working or was rather thrown into the courier industry in 2006, my father had moved from Leeds to Cheshire a few months previous and during one of my many visits whilst enjoying a quiet drink my father David Thornton suggested we quit our day jobs (40 years of joinery for my dad) and put everything into creating a dedicated, UK wide next day courier service.... Two people, no vans and probably no idea but I listened as the drinks flowed...

'Im having nothing to do with racing pigeons dad' 

Growing up as a young child I always remember my dad and late grandad, Ted Groves having quite a large shed in my grandmas back garden of 'Owlcotes Gardens' Pudsey. In it were maybe 30 - 40  racing pigeons and from the little i remember, I was probably terrified of them..  and that's what I'm reverting back to as my dads explaining that a national courier company 'Amtrack' had ceased trading and they were the only carrier that would allow the transportation of live pigeons throughout the UK and between us we could pick up where they had left off and create a nationwide next day courier service. 

I don't really remember much more of the night as iv never really being a massive drinker of alcohol, but on the drive back to Leeds the following day the more I thought of what we discussed the previous night I just brushed off the idea as crazy and carried on with every day life, that was until the telephone call came, 'Daryl, its your dad, iv got a van' 

uk pigeon couriers 

And so it began, UK Pigeon Couriers was born, the UK's only dedicated next day pigeon courier service.

For those that have absolutely no idea about racing pigeons or the sport that surrounds it my advice is to spend an hour or longer on google or visit the Royal Racing Pigeon Association, these 'Rats with wings' as sometimes refered to are very clever animals and mostly very expensive, anywhere from £30.00 to £350,000 !! the next time you spot that ruffled up pigeon in Leeds City Centre or even in your back garden with the ring on its leg, that ring contains a unique number registered to the pigeons original owner, it may have got lost or attacked on its way back from a race.  you can report them at the Royal Pigeon Racing Association

We advertised in a weekly specialist pigeon magazine called The British Homing World and the moment the advertisement was published the calls started coming in, it was so daunting as the jobs kept coming, every call would be a booking and another city to add to the ever increasing runs.

We did it

Within days we had created a backlog of work and the bookings kept coming by now we had to start planning the logistics of next weeks work.

Long distance multidrop

and never founthe in 1980 and eventually worked my way up to a van driver. In 1986 after many years of hard work and persistence I realized that there were large gaps in the services that were being offered in the industry. In order to capitalize addressing those gaps with a cohesive full service delivery system, I took the necessary steps and founded www.CityExpeditor.com.


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